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Gnome In an extensive interview with the Austrian tech site GNOME3 designer Jon McCann talks about the future of GNOME3 - and why it's all about the apps - why he is convinced that KDE and Ubuntu are actually different operating systems and also reacts to the outspoken criticism against GNOME 3 which has been making the rounds lately.
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Whoa! Someone has a strong opinion about Linux.

I like Linux and have used it for years, however, I bought a new laptop recently and tried installing Linux on it. I couldn't even get the installer to run at all without using custom flags that I had to type in manually. Even after hours of labor, I still can't get the machine to recognize my graphics card, even though the latest nvidia driver claims to support it on Linux. Some of the fixes I tried rendered the system unbootable and I had to fiddle with xorg.conf to get things working again.

That kind of user experience, regardless of whose fault it is, will always keep people from switching to Linux. Linux does a lot of things well, but being a good desktop OS for PC-compatible machines currently isn't one of them.

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