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Legal After revealing that Apple tampered with evidence in the German case against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, has now revealed that Apple has also tampered with the evidence in the Dutch court case (coverage in English). Apple has manipulated the image of a Samsung Galaxy S in a side-by-side comparison with the iPhone 3GS. The Galaxy S has been shortened and made narrower so that its dimensions match those of the 3GS. This piece of evidence is the only side-by-side comparison of these two devices, and is part of the summons, which, according to a Dutch lawyer, means that Apple considers it to be of special significance. Just goes to show, once more, how far Apple is willing to go to stifle competition through the legal system - lying, cheating, manipulating. What a classy, premium company, that Apple!
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You admire liars and crooks? What does it have to do with "capitalist point of view"? It has something to do with crooked point of view.

I said: "from a purely capitalist point of view". The down votes suggest others, and also perhaps you, missed the word "purely" in my original post.

But your comment suggests you didn't quite think this out. For example, would you NOT admire liars if, in the process of their lying, they managed to do something more acceptable to you like, I don't know, saving some hostages by lying to the terrorists keeping them hostage?

This whole idea that lying being morally wrong is debatable. Of course it is against the law (in this particular story) but it is also pure hard reality in this world. Suggesting otherwise is unbelievably naive.

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