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Editorial In five years, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst sees the traditional desktop becoming obsolete.
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by sagum on Sat 20th Aug 2011 21:34 UTC
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Until they kill off gaming on the desktop there is little chance of the desktop market going away.

World of warcraft is just 1 game and it has, in its own right, more then 12million active subscribers. That one game has more then 50% of the subscriber base then all the Xbox live subscriber accounts.

There is no getting around it, gamers and hardware go hand in hand and with expensive fast hardware a gimicky X based OS without games just isn't going to cut it.

For the vast majority of desktop app use, a old PC that is several years old can handle it, the rest who need bigger apps such as after effects/photoshop etc will use faster/more up to date hardware and .. yeah you get the idea.

While X might work in a terminal service with throw backs to dumb terminals, its not something non-tech aware managers or even semi-tech aware managers will beable to grasp the concept of having a very powerful server over the network using a machine the size of a dvd case and still get work done.

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