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Editorial In five years, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst sees the traditional desktop becoming obsolete.
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RE[3]: Gaming
by zima on Sun 21st Aug 2011 11:19 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Gaming"
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But the then-current top MMO will not run on tablets, so again the point is moot.

How, exactly, do you (seem to) know that?...

Reminds me a bit about some not-too-old words of commodorians or amigans about PC gaming.

Then there's how, not a long time ago, it was a sort of "Blizzard would never do a game for consoles" - and now there seem to be some hints that Diablo III (supposedly adopting some MMO elements, and coming out at the time when the WoW craze is waning) might get a first class citizen version for them. A lot can change in this tech world of ours in a decade or so.

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