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Editorial In five years, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst sees the traditional desktop becoming obsolete.
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RE[4]: Gaming
by WereCatf on Sun 21st Aug 2011 11:45 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Gaming"
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How, exactly, do you (seem to) know that?...

Maybe I'm just so awesome?

No, but seriously though, you can just call it a hunch. Feel free to come back in 5 years and then in 10 years, and I can almost guarantee that desktop computers will still be around and that the most popular MMOs will be on consoles or those desktop computers, not on tablets.

The most notable issue with tablets and the like is... the touchscreen; it simply doesn't suit for gaming as well as mouse+kb, or even a joypad does. And once you start plugging all kinds of external oddities to the tablet you could just as well have a separate device with those connected at all times..

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