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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Last week, HP killed its webOS devices unit. Over the weekend, the company slashed the prices on the TouchPad. The result? The TouchPad sold out completely in a matter of hours. This confirms what I've been hearing from friends and family: "I'd love a tablet, but I'm not paying laptop money for one."
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RE: Bummed to see this now
by zima on Mon 22nd Aug 2011 22:56 UTC in reply to "Bummed to see this now"
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If phones running these kinds of specs cost $500-$600, I'm not sure why you think somebody can make a tablet (with an even bigger screen) and sell it for $200 less, and have it not suck.

In other words, a matter of a year or so, tops. And who knows what Amazon might unveil soon... (especially since they won't be afraid to make up the cost on media they will sell)

Check out, say, ZTE Blade; what can be had, since the beginning of this year, in a phone factor for half of the price you quote. And while tablet factor makes for more materials, more expensive screen and battery ...some thing are probably easier, cheaper (no need for such extreme miniaturisation)

But overall, it would be still to much duplication for my taste; too close to smartphones. So I wouldn't be surprised at all if we'll eventually settle on "small tablets" or "large smartphones" (without their presently silly premiums), just one device (which would also finally give real purpose to Bluetooth headsets ;) )

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