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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Last week, HP killed its webOS devices unit. Over the weekend, the company slashed the prices on the TouchPad. The result? The TouchPad sold out completely in a matter of hours. This confirms what I've been hearing from friends and family: "I'd love a tablet, but I'm not paying laptop money for one."
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RE[2]: Interesting experiment
by Windows Sucks on Mon 22nd Aug 2011 23:23 UTC in reply to "RE: Interesting experiment"
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Interesting. All these years later that Apple is the fastest growing computer company in the world and making the most money. This is not a battle, it's a war. MS won the PC battle for 20 years. Blew up just like Android. Now Windows is losing steam, and Apple still has plenty of room to grow.

But while all that was happening Apple came out with the iPod which just like the iPad was over priced device that no one needed but just like a Benz or BMW it's a status symbol that people will pay a premium for just because it's Apple. No one else is gonna match that.

There will be iPads and then everything else like in the music player market.

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