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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Last week, HP killed its webOS devices unit. Over the weekend, the company slashed the prices on the TouchPad. The result? The TouchPad sold out completely in a matter of hours. This confirms what I've been hearing from friends and family: "I'd love a tablet, but I'm not paying laptop money for one."
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RE[4]: No, it isn't.
by leos on Mon 22nd Aug 2011 23:27 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: No, it isn't."
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Why not?

Think on a company promoting its new ecosystem; the company gives away high-end devices for free (or almost free) and profits by the whole ecosystem (apps, ad-based free apps, accesories, etc.).

Possible, but highly unlikely. To create this kind of stir (a $400-$500 device for $100) a company would be losing quite a lot of money on every device. So first they need deep pockets. Then they need to make that money back, in an environment of $1 apps.. After having my iPhone for a year I've spent maybe $100-$150 on apps for it and I have quite a lot compared to most people. Then consider that this kind of hardware you will likely want to get a newer model in 2-3 years... I don't think it would be profitable.

In fact, because of what happened this weekend with webOS, the platform will be alive for a long long time and a lot of developers (someones enthusiastic, other ones wishing earn money) will continue writing apps for it.

I doubt there will be many new apps. The platform is still dead. Hard to justify starting development now for a dead platform. That's a very short time window to make back your development costs, when you know all the users of the platform you will ever have are already out there. Not sure how many touchpads there are in total now but it's not huge.

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