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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Last week, HP killed its webOS devices unit. Over the weekend, the company slashed the prices on the TouchPad. The result? The TouchPad sold out completely in a matter of hours. This confirms what I've been hearing from friends and family: "I'd love a tablet, but I'm not paying laptop money for one."
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RE[4]: Interesting experiment
by Tony Swash on Tue 23rd Aug 2011 14:32 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Interesting experiment"
Tony Swash
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I don't know about the past but Apple today is worth more then Dell, HP, and Lenovo combined so I don't think they need to learn much from the past.
This one always fascinates me. People are often very quick, particularly at tech forums, to voice their disdain towards bankers, brokers, etc. ...except when worshipping valuations of some darling of theirs made by... the very same despised people.

Personally I don't despise bankers, I just think they need better regulation.
If there was no food hygiene regulations then lots of people would die from food poising after eating in restaurants - it wouldn't make restaurants a bad thing just unregulated restaurants.

On your substantive point. Economic performance does matter, not only is is it an indicator of the relative success of the competing technologies and products in the market place but also because all the technologies would be meaningless if they are not made into products by enterprises and the long term economic health of those enterprises drastically effects which products have a secure future and which don't.

Total valuation is not on it's own a telling indicator but it is indicator along with profitability, revenues, balance sheet etc.

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