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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless What happens when that "new gadget smell" wears off, though? The honeymoon effect with your new, heavily-discounted device wears off and you're left with a tablet that isn't likely to get any better than it is right now unless you do something yourself. The Preware community already has a nice collection of things you can do to play with any WebOS device, but even that has its limits. So, what are you to do with that shiny new tablet? Well, eventually, you'll be able to put Android on it.
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Basically its market demands meets development demands and they didn't want some of the non-official tablet manufactures leveraging the code as they were afraid it would damage the Android brand.

Which is why they should actually put together a strong trademark policy instead of keeping the code closed ;)

On the other hand, I think they're probably trying to give their handset device makers an edge over the "no-names" by giving them the early-bird access to new versions of Android.

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