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A serious-looking (German Language) article examines a rather preposterous claim: that a group of young hackers has produced "the first operating system that allows problems to run programs from Windows, Mac, [iOS] and Linux with only one system." Their outlandish claims ("every known program runs under UNIOS without driver issues!") drew interest from the local press, then skepticism. I wasn't able to find much information in the English language. So stay tuned here at OSNews, which will no doubt be covering ongoing industry-changing UniOS news as it breaks. Or not.
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He's telling the press that he and his friends have written 52 millionen lines of code in three years, but he won't show it. And the press praises him as the next Bill Gates.

Bill Gates was more a businessman than a software developer. I know he has written software (though I'm sure we'd all like to forget about QBasic), but the majority of stuff in the early days was bought.

I used to think that way. I have a lot more of respect for the guy as a programmer since I read this Joel Spolsky's little story:

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