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Fedora Core Fedora 16 Alpha is released today, featuring GNOME 3.1.4 with a unified input indicator for keyboard layouts and input methods, KDE 4.7, GRUB 2 on new installations (with GPT disk labels) and several other major changes. You can download it now. Remember to read the important information in the release notes and common bugs page.
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RE[2]: Ugly Font Rendering
by allanregistos on Wed 24th Aug 2011 08:47 UTC in reply to "RE: Ugly Font Rendering"
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For the fiftieth time: font rendering is an extremely subjective area and what you consider 'ugly', others may well consider nice. It's really not worth getting that worked up about.

I highly doubt that it is _extremely_ subjective area.
The font rendering is important(consider moving from XP to Fedora) and you will see the font difference.

What people missed about font rendering is not about BEAUTY where subjectivity applies, as you've said. It is about how the system properly displays the font without overlapping characters, the system must handle this properly so that it is easier for the user to read regardless of the beauty, and Linux desktop failed to address this. Yes the default font is readable enough, but it is still fall short of what fonts should be.

Try to replace your fonts via appearance and look at the characters on your desktop especially terminal, and you will see the ugly fonts.

Ubuntu at least have tried to address this, and I like their ubuntu fonts more than the liberation fonts or anything Fedora provides.

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