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A serious-looking (German Language) article examines a rather preposterous claim: that a group of young hackers has produced "the first operating system that allows problems to run programs from Windows, Mac, [iOS] and Linux with only one system." Their outlandish claims ("every known program runs under UNIOS without driver issues!") drew interest from the local press, then skepticism. I wasn't able to find much information in the English language. So stay tuned here at OSNews, which will no doubt be covering ongoing industry-changing UniOS news as it breaks. Or not.
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Bill Gates was more a businessman than a software developer. I know he has written software (though I'm sure we'd all like to forget about QBasic), but the majority of stuff in the early days was bought.

I don't think that's right. It is just what Linus and GNU folks claim. It's not like you can't be both and I never found any evidence for this.

Bill Gates wouldn't be the only one who changes from being a compsci geek to a business geek. It is what happens if you have a lot of financial success.

I am not a big Bill Gates fan though, so I don't know too much about it. Maybe someone could write something to substantiate this allegation.

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