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Apple Why does news like this always come right before I want to go to bed? Steve Jobs has just announced he is stepping down from the CEO position of Apple. He will be succeeded by Apple's chief operating officer, Tim Cook. Steve Jobs will remain at Apple as chairman of the board and director. This is... Strange.
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I wish him well
by truckweb on Thu 25th Aug 2011 01:02 UTC
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Jobs and Wozniak were well known before Gates. Apple 1 prototype witch became the Apple II computer. It took IBM to put Microsoft in the spotlight with MS-DOS.

Where was Gates when Steve saw and "copied" Xerox Star GUI for the Lisa and after, the Mac? Gates had to make poor copies with Windows 1,2,386 before getting it "almost right" with Windows 3.1

The iPod was not the first MP3 player on the market, but man, did it change the landscape, and with the iTune Store, everything changed. All the other music player are in a niche market because everybody relate to the iPod when talking about digital music player.

The same is happening with the Tablet. Even at $399, HP was not able to sell WebOS, still, Apple can't manufacture enough iPad, they sell like hotcake even if it cost more. When people think about tablet, most of the time they think about iPad.

Apple has enough money to ride this economic downturn, all thanks to Steve.

Really sorry to hear about this, I wish him well.

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