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Apple Why does news like this always come right before I want to go to bed? Steve Jobs has just announced he is stepping down from the CEO position of Apple. He will be succeeded by Apple's chief operating officer, Tim Cook. Steve Jobs will remain at Apple as chairman of the board and director. This is... Strange.
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RE: Onset Decline
by MysterMask on Thu 25th Aug 2011 02:26 UTC in reply to "Onset Decline"
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Sounds strange? Maybe, but remember the osnews article, that Apple its some kind of religion? Well, Jobs is the Messiah of this Religion. And unlike christianity, the story ends with the Messias passing.

Well... okay, this analogy is pathetic ;)

Yes, it is.

And it's more the (pro- and especially the anti- <this and that>) fanatics on OS news that are religious. Looking at some discussions on OS News, you'll find much more religious communities than Apple.

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