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Legal The hearing regarding the preliminary injunction in the German Apple v. Samsung case is currently under way. Biggest revelation so far? Samsung is accusing Apple of 27 (!) cases of altering pictures, all done to make Samsung's products appear more similar to Apple's than they really are. Like last time, Andreas Udo de Haes, editor at, present in the court room, is covering this. Update: It's on. Update II: Apple claims official picture of Galaxy Tab is rigged. Update III: Lolwut Apple? Update IV: Neelie Kroes is on the edge of her seat. Update V: The judge has upheld the German preliminary injunction. Final ruling on September 9.
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RE[6]: Great news!
by Laurence on Thu 25th Aug 2011 15:23 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Great news!"
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I predict that the judge will totally ignore Samsung's somewhat desperate maneuver.

Samsung have good reason to be "desperate", Apple are twisting the law to prevent natural competition.

Your tone there almost sounds sympathetic for Apple but I really do think Samsung are the victims here.

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