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Apple I thought OSNews would be a good forum to talk about a matter that has been weighing on my mind lately primarily because the site has been so focused on Apple's patents and litigation as of late. The news that HP, the largest PC manufacturer in the world is spinning off or getting out of this business is what really prompted me to write this article.
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I hope (but I'm not holding my breath) that the publication of this article puts the foot into the mouth of those that claim that only one side is presented on OSnews. I have read so many times in various threads - "write an article on the opposing viewpoint and we will hapilly publish it." Here is yet another example.

Editors are human and are allowed to have opinions and even agendas. That's why their called editors and not encyclopedias or robots. And don't believe anyone that tells you that there is such a thing as objective news reporting. Even the choice of words can place a subtle spin on the "reporting of facts." But on the whole I believe that anyone without an agenda of their own would have to admit that OSnews does a pretty good job of being fair.

People that claim otherwise... I don't believe in telling people to shut up, so by all means continue complaining if you wish. That is your right. But recognize that you are only making yourself look foolish by doing so.

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