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KDE "After years of focusing on further improving KDE4 two weeks ago the developers of the free desktop announced the next big step for their project: KDE Frameworks 5.0. But as long-time developer - and Plasma team leader - Aaron Seigo points out in an interview with, the source-incompatible changes shall be held to a minimum. Also calls Frameworks 5.0 only the "first step", new Applications and Workspace releases are to follow later, Seigo goes on to talk about the chances in the mobile market with Plasma Active and further areas of collaboration with the other big free desktop: GNOME."
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RE[3]: I'm loving it.
by lemur2 on Fri 26th Aug 2011 03:13 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: I'm loving it."
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Except ratpoison obvs.

If you want ratpoison's feature set, there AFAIK is no real alternative to ratpoison. It is absolutely great for those who want to completely escape the WIMP paradigm.

Back on the actual topic of this thread: If OTOH you are trying to claim that KDE3 was the be all and end all of GUI desktops and that the KDE team should have stuck with that, then we have an entirely different argument. There is not one single actual benefit of KDE3, KDE4 does every thing that KDE3 ever did, it can perform just as well on the same hardware, it uses no deprecated out-of-development supporting software, and it has additional advanced capabilities which make it by far the most advanced desktop environment.

Lets keep it real here.

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