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Apple I thought OSNews would be a good forum to talk about a matter that has been weighing on my mind lately primarily because the site has been so focused on Apple's patents and litigation as of late. The news that HP, the largest PC manufacturer in the world is spinning off or getting out of this business is what really prompted me to write this article.
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RE[3]: Too much misinformation
by M.Onty on Fri 26th Aug 2011 07:58 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Too much misinformation"
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...I could go on...

Or I could. How about word processing which, it seems to be forgotten, was one of the primary selling points of PCs? As far as I can tell there's been no improvement on this front in this so-called post-PC world.

PC's are not dying or becoming irrelevant; they are finding their level, helpfully assisted by smartphones and tablets. Desks with computers on were never the best place to watch videos, or read magazine articles, or socialise, because its not comfortable, its too formal and tends to render one temporarily miopic.

They became used for these things; now they will be used less for these things and more for the things they were intended for---writing, compositing, analysis, Civilization games---things for which one wants an upright sitting position and the proper focus of staring at a big screen.

We will see a small decline of PC usage then a leveling out. PCs are currently overused, but will prove to be the best tools for most jobs, as opposed to most luxuries. Jobs like playing Civilization, for example.

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