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Apple I thought OSNews would be a good forum to talk about a matter that has been weighing on my mind lately primarily because the site has been so focused on Apple's patents and litigation as of late. The news that HP, the largest PC manufacturer in the world is spinning off or getting out of this business is what really prompted me to write this article.
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Competition is not theft
by wargum on Fri 26th Aug 2011 10:42 UTC
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Without diving too deeply into the history of the computer industry, all I want to say is this: Apple's culture is incompatible for serving 95% of the market.

I'll give you some examples, some very recent ones:

- The iPhone. Apple offery only one model/form factor. You want a physical keyboard? You want a replaceable battery? You need better battery life? You need a dual SIM model? You need a phone that supports GSM+CDMA because you travel a lot to other contries? You are looking more for sub $500 phone? You want a phone that's very sturdy? You want a bigger or smaller one?

- The iPad. You want Flash in an internet surfing device, really? You want hardware interfaces without having to buy and carrie a gazillion Adapters? You want stereo speakers? You want cams (original iPad) in your slate? 10" is too big and heavy for you, you are more thinking 7"?

- Macs. You want 3G in your laptop? You want a fair amount of fast and common interfaces like USB 3 in your $2000 laptop? You want a replaceable battery? You want easy access to your hard drive and be able to keep it and your data when the computer needs service repair? You like matte screens more? You want a reasonably priced tower? You are living in an area without broadband internet connection and can't download 300 MB system updates all the time because Apple didn't offer delta updates for a very long time?

- Business customers. You want workstations with 5 years of warranty? You need at desk repairing with reasonable response times? You want something like a roadmap that you can count on? You want to be able to buy computers with an older OS because some of your applications are not yet compatible with the most recent version of OS X? You want crazy cool docking stations for your laptop fleet and finger print readers?

I think you get the idea. Apple is just so not interrested in so many people's desires/needs. I'm not saying that's a problem or that they should change. I'm saying that you people should accept the reality and see that Apple is not even close to serving most peoples needs and is thus not compatible as the one supplier of everybodies PCs and gadgets.

The only exception I can think of is the iPod that had a very dominant market share, though this is probably mostly true for the US. This was possible because they had quite a few models that were totally different from each other. Not true for iPhone and iPad.

The PC market is totally awesome right now, IMHO. There is really a product for almost every possible need and at every price point.

While we are at it, the author talked about Apple's prices and IBM/HP getting rid of their PC businesses. My take: Both still maka/made money from selling PCs, just not enough for the share holders. This says more about the f--ked up financial market than about the PC businesses in question. Apple just has margins that are a lot higher, how do you think they made those ~80 billion USD that they have in cash? Overprized or not, Apple could sell every iPhone for $150 less tomorrow and still make money from every unit sold.

A final closing comment on software patents: Software and algorithms are Math and you can't patent Math either. It's that simple. Software patents are thus an insane thing.

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