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KDE "After years of focusing on further improving KDE4 two weeks ago the developers of the free desktop announced the next big step for their project: KDE Frameworks 5.0. But as long-time developer - and Plasma team leader - Aaron Seigo points out in an interview with, the source-incompatible changes shall be held to a minimum. Also calls Frameworks 5.0 only the "first step", new Applications and Workspace releases are to follow later, Seigo goes on to talk about the chances in the mobile market with Plasma Active and further areas of collaboration with the other big free desktop: GNOME."
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Gullible Jones
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... How? Seriously, we want to know how you can cram a full DE onto a machine like that. Is the start time the usual 20 second wait? Longer even? Does the kickoff menu take half a minute to pop up? Does X keel over and die all the time?

I'm not trying to troll here, honest. It's just that I've never seen KDE4 being anything other than a pig, especially with startup times. It does in fact use a little less RAM than KDE3, but lower RAM usage is not the be all and end all of performance. So if you know a way of making KDE4 usable on really low-end machines like your Pentium II, please, don't clam up about it!

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