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KDE "After years of focusing on further improving KDE4 two weeks ago the developers of the free desktop announced the next big step for their project: KDE Frameworks 5.0. But as long-time developer - and Plasma team leader - Aaron Seigo points out in an interview with, the source-incompatible changes shall be held to a minimum. Also calls Frameworks 5.0 only the "first step", new Applications and Workspace releases are to follow later, Seigo goes on to talk about the chances in the mobile market with Plasma Active and further areas of collaboration with the other big free desktop: GNOME."
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Are you using an opengl accelerated desktop at all?

Frankly speaking I have a hard time believing that with desktop effects enabled this hardware "runs KDE4 just great". I wouldn't go that far to accuse you of spreading FUD but I think our understanding of the word "great" is vastly different.

It works better and snappier than Windows 7 on the same machine.

I have full desktop effects enabled, I have a perfectly smooth "desktop cube" animation effect for switching virtual desktops, I can use either Xrender or OpenGL for the desktop effects rendering engine. If I set the special desktop effect "Show FPS" I observe a reading of 60 fps kwin rendering most of the time, occasionally dropping down to 55 fps when something happens.

Firefox 6 renders the HWACCEL test from Mozilla at 33 fps, even while kwin desktop effects are enabled. If I disable kwin desktop effects, HWACCEL test in Firefox 6 shows 44 fps.

What I said is based on my observations only. Perhaps our experiences are different, if so - good for you, but that doesn't make my critique invalid, nor your observations universal.

FYR, in my case (2 core Intel i5@2.66GHz + GeForce 310M tested with both OS and nVidia drivers) KDE4.6 runs "OK'ish". Slightly less smooth than Compiz (both with very minimal sets of effects) but the speed is satisfactory for daily use. However, KDE4 (either kwin or some background services) makes this PC quite a bit hotter, which is a show stopper for me (it would be acceptable on a workstation but not on a laptop).

Au contraire, the fact that KDE4 works as well as it does on my low-power, 1Ghz CPU, 1GB memory (shared between the CPU and the video graphics), shows that KDE4 itself is not slow, nor does it heat up machines. KDE4 is capable of great performance on very modest hardware. This is the way it is supposed to perform, and that it can perform if the underlying supporting system is correct.

If KDE4 does not achieve good performance on your hardware, then there is something wrong with your machine's software stack "underneath" KDE4. KDE4 is exposing some problem with your machine's graphics stack.

If KDE4 itself was broken, then no-one would get good performance from it.

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