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Apple Why does news like this always come right before I want to go to bed? Steve Jobs has just announced he is stepping down from the CEO position of Apple. He will be succeeded by Apple's chief operating officer, Tim Cook. Steve Jobs will remain at Apple as chairman of the board and director. This is... Strange.
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RE[2]: I wish him well
by atsureki on Fri 26th Aug 2011 21:07 UTC in reply to "RE: I wish him well"
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Gates had already achieved legendary status by porting Basic to the Altair.

Which we all use to this day.

Seriously, though, Gates's world-changing innovations were not technical in nature; they were legal. He invented the EULA and the broad licensing practices that brought Windows to the top at IBM's expense, by enabling Compaq to make PC-DOS and then OS/2 clones. But what Windows actually is, as a product, is an unauthorized copy of Apple's work, which was an authorized extension of Xerox's work. Apple created world-changing products; Microsoft created world-changing financial arrangements.

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