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Apple I thought OSNews would be a good forum to talk about a matter that has been weighing on my mind lately primarily because the site has been so focused on Apple's patents and litigation as of late. The news that HP, the largest PC manufacturer in the world is spinning off or getting out of this business is what really prompted me to write this article.
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"The best recent example was the local Apple fanboy brigade gloating over the discontinuation of WebOS.

I'm continually astonished by the depth and breadth of the anti-Apple trollbook on things that didn't happen being done by boogeymen that don't exist.

Wow, that's some persecution complex you have. Better check in your closet & under your bed, there might be anti-Apple trolls hiding there!

You can link to anything that has actually happened on the Internet, but you can't link to garbage you dreamed up to fuel your own illusions.

Yeah, maybe you should at least wait until after the links have fallen off the first page before you start trying to pretend it didn't happen.

So which is it: links or no links?

Should I read it aloud for you too, or do you think you can manage that on your own?

And that's not to mention the 15 or so other nearly-identical comments that Tony posted on that article alone, with the same thinly-veiled gloating.

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