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Graphics, User Interfaces "Recently, Brendan and I have been arguing about what can reasonably be expected from a multi-monitor OS (among other graphical stack things). We've reached the conclusion that nothing replaces real-world user data. So anyone interested, please answer this survey about multi-monitor setups and expectations ! (Results will be published here once the amount of answers has reached a steady state, I'd say in a month at worst)" (Source)
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Typical setup...
by TemporalBeing on Mon 29th Aug 2011 19:14 UTC
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...that I've noticed is a laptop + external monitor with the internal display still active and the two in a horizontal configuration. I've seen a number of managers with that setup.

But to answer their main question about OS expectations - the OS should be able to be configured for anything, but must be able to remember the configuration(s) the user wants - and easily switch between them - for instance, a laptop switching between multi-monitor (docked or undocked) and simply the internal monitor. If the OS (X11/KDE/GNOME/etc) don't make that switch seamless, then it's a problem.

For example, right now I'm running Kubuntu 11.04 on my laptop with KDE SC 4.6.3. It's got a bug that causes it to not remember my multi-monitor configuration even if I make that the default configuration. It's very annoying. (I've heard they fixed that for KDE SC 4.7; so I'm waiting for it to come through to see.)

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