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Windows Ah yes, Windows Explorer. One of the oldest parts of Windows, and yet, it's far from perfect. It's hated less than, say, the Finder (but that's no achievement), but most geeks I know aren't particularly fond of it either. For Windows 8, Microsoft is going to make the biggest change ever to Explorer's interface: it's getting the ribbon treatment.
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RE[3]: LALALALA I can't hear you
by Spiron on Tue 30th Aug 2011 12:12 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: LALALALA I can't hear you"
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You sir are a power-user and while there is nothing wrong with that in itself you are not the market for which this is aimed. Power-users will mostly continue to do what they do, be it right-click menu or hotkeys. This move is aimed at the majority of users who are non-power-users and will not find a command if it is not in front of their faces. It is also probably aimed at the tablet market where right click is mostly impossible and a menu system becomes to awkward to implement.

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