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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris "While the Mandriva Linux distribution lost most of its charm when many of the developers left to form Mageia Linux and the remaining stakeholders switched to just doing one official release per year, the 2011 final release was published on Sunday. While Mandriva no longer carries the popularity it did in its early days or back in the Mandrake days, the 2011.0 release is an improvement. Mandriva 2011.0 provides the mandriva Package Manager (a new package manager under heavy development), MandrivaSync (a cloud service for Mandriva that's similar to DropBox, iCloud, and Ubuntu One), LibreOffice 3.4, and adopts the system service manager."
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by gerg on Tue 30th Aug 2011 15:01 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: GNOME?"
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Does Mandriva have the staff to maintain a distro properly ? Will give it a try and subscribe if that's good.

I honestly don't know but its been suggested they don't. In fact, from what I've read of Mandriva is their short handed staff IS the reason they've so dramatically pruned 2011. I guess the question is, do they have the staff to maintain a dramatically reduced distro. Comments from package maintainers I've read strongly suggest this isn't the case as many have fled to Mageia.

I want to stress I'm not offering fact, just my opinion. As a very long time Mandriva user (dating back to early Mandrake days), I can't begin to tell you how sad this entire fiasco makes me.

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