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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless We're living in crazy times, that's for sure. Less than two weeks ago, HP announced it was going to quit making webOS devices. To get rid of existing stock, HP drastically cut the price of the TouchPad to a mere $99 - and this has resulted in a massive run on the device. Lines formed everywhere, and the device is now completely sold out. So, HP has just announced it is going to... Build an additional limited run of TouchPads.
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If I was shopping around for a buyer for my WebOS ecosystem I would rather sell the business with 1.4 million users than 980,000 users. I have no idea what the numbers actually are, but more is better. And if you've ever used a webOS device, you know it's fun, unique and you will brag a little about how nice webOS is. So the webOS ecosystem gets a value double kick for each device in use.

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