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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless While US Android users are all full of glee that they're finally getting the Samsung Galaxy S II in the United States, a far more significant Android smartphone is being developed... In China. It's faster than any other smartphone, has a beautiful and fluid user interface, top-notch hardware quality, a dual-partition setup so you can keep using the phone while it updates... And will sell for a mere $310, no contract or whatever other nonsense. Hello Xiaomi Phone.
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by kristoph on Wed 31st Aug 2011 16:24 UTC
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$310 is not a viable price point for most consumers. Also, as most apps won't work without mounted storage there will be an incremental cost of $20 - $40 (for a 16gb or 32gb sd card).

So it's a $350 ( + tax ) smart phone.

In the US this will have absolutely 0 impact because, like most Android smart phones, it will be free with a contract. It Europe (where it will probably be EUR 350 when VAT and the 'european premium' is added) it might have a more tangible impact but even then it will simply canabalize slightly more expensive Android devices, it won't 'open the market' to consumers who would otherwise not buy a smart phone.

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