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OSNews, Generic OSes "What would an operating system look like it if were redesigned with security in mind? Joanna Rutkowska thinks she has the answer with the development of Qubes OS. We sit down for an interview with Joanna to discuss the way Qubes OS augments security."
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RE[2]: Joanna Rutkowska
by bannor99 on Thu 1st Sep 2011 19:34 UTC in reply to "RE: Joanna Rutkowska"
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<span>There is some people saying that she used to be a .. he.
(source:"</... )


I was going to dismiss this out of hand but after taking a closer look, it's slightly plausible.
First off, she's only "hot" if you haven't seen an attractive woman in a while. I'm not saying ugly but definitely not hot.
Regarding her gender, she does have man-hands and is very slim-hipped but there doesn't seem to be any trace of an Adam's apple. She also has good-sized breasts, although hormones or implants can easily provide those.
So I think she's just a woman with a few manly characterstics.

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