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OSNews, Generic OSes The last time we did this, it was still 2010, so it's been a while. Since I'm having a hard time finding interesting things to write about today (unless you guys want a story about Apple losing another iPhone prototype at a bar, or about Samsung's god-given quest to launch a tablet/smartphone for each number between 3 and 10), let's do one of those old-fashioned and quaint 'show us your desktop!'-things. I'll start.
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I'm curious to see who else uses relatively old machines for their daily use boxes? I think the last time I posted a screen shot I was still using my NeXT Turbo Color daily. It's a 33mhz 68k with 128mb of ram and a 4gb hdd. I've sicne sold it and was running up to date hardware.. but I've regressed back down a few notches.

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My current set up. It's a bit cramped but functional. I sold my PC to raise money for a trip as well as my other laptops. So I'm stuck using ol' Faithful for a bit ;)

Toshiba Portege 3110ct
Pentium II 300mhz
128MB PC100 RAM
800x600 10" LCD
Intel i855 IGP
Single USB 1.1 slot currently with a 64GB USB key attached
Single PCMCIA/Cardbus slot with a PCNet b/g/n WiFi card

Running Crunchbang Linux with the Liquorix kernel.

OpenBox is the Window Manager.

I use XChat for IRC, Pidgin for IM, Terminator for my shell, GEdit for text editor, links2 in graphics mode for my browser unless I have to have JavaScript, in which case I fire up Midori.

I read eBooks on it using Calibre's viewer app. Works surprisingly well for ePub and PDFs and what not.

Over all, as long as I watch what I'm doing, the laptop runs great for its specs. I usually have at least two instances of links2 running, an ssh session, a terminal open, file manager, pidgin with at least one chat, and xchat with 6 channels open, going at all times.

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