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OSNews, Generic OSes The last time we did this, it was still 2010, so it's been a while. Since I'm having a hard time finding interesting things to write about today (unless you guys want a story about Apple losing another iPhone prototype at a bar, or about Samsung's god-given quest to launch a tablet/smartphone for each number between 3 and 10), let's do one of those old-fashioned and quaint 'show us your desktop!'-things. I'll start.
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XFCE - great idea
by seanpk on Fri 2nd Sep 2011 01:32 UTC
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I've been using XFCE on my professional desktop for quite a while (see last year's:

Here are a couple pics from the current setup:

As I comment on the second pic from this year, the "Window Menu" panel applet has ruined me for all other window managers. They don't have something that works as well as it, and worse, they have similar things that behave differently ... I just can't switch tasks as efficiently without it.

The other nice thing about XFCE is the gentile, subtle, composing that never rips, tears, or distorts. (I've tried unity, gnome with compiz, and kwin, and they all flake out at some point in my dock-undock-suspend-unsuspend-dock cycle.)

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