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Syllable, AtheOS Syllable OS lead developer Kaj de Vos has been interviewed by Techworld Australia. The full Q&A is also available (via Slashdot).
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RE[6]: Comment by neticspace
by cipri on Fri 2nd Sep 2011 12:15 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by neticspace"
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But really, the relentless hate-on you seem to have for Kaj is getting increasingly childish, and tiresome to read.
Perhaps it's high time to also move on emotionally, and leave your feud with (some of) the Syllable people behind.

I have no idea why people take my words as words of hate?
Yes, it's already a long time ago,so there is not even a little part of hate in me. I could even go with kaj to the pub to drink a cup of .... calm water :-).
Why don't you try to take my words as "pure information"?
It can happen that I make sometimes errors when I'm tired (and I also admit them), but in "as good as all" cases i say stuff that is really true.

Now I was starting posting here, when I saw someone bringing praise to the great development done by kaj and his "team".
I really wonder how someone can praise kaj, when in fact the development of syllable is nearly constantly zero in the last years.
Why not take a look first at the source-code that changed in the last years and then say your opinion. Even if you are blind you can see that the syllable development in the last years is nearly 0, so how can you get the idea to start praising kaj?

I really wonder how kaj say "thanks" when somebody is praising him for the great development he did, when in fact kaj knows that he did as good as nothing related to real OS development.
I would really feel ashamed, how he can even say proudly "thanks", i really dont understand.

I have the impression that Kaj (and partially also Vanders) refused to see the reality.
One of that realities was that the majority of the syllable developers didnt like the syllable server (based on linux) which kaj brought inside syllable more or less through the backdoor.
There are more reason why the majority of the syllable developers left (officially and inofficially) or are now very silent. And one of the reason was also the existence of "syllable server". It's not the only reason, just one of more, but it is one too.

I guess Kaj will now feel offended, but I really recommand him to contact all syllable developers and all ex-syllable-delevopers and ask them about their honest feelings/sentiments/opinion related to the syllable server, and ask them, how much they love it.
Of course he will not do that, perhaps he is afraid of the truth, and prefers to lie himself.

So, that was just a side-note, that is off-topic.
Now let us do something on-topic, and praise Kaj for bringing Syllable to new heights :-))

Thank you Kaj, for bringing Syllable under your leadership to new heights, that haven't been reached before.

Now that I think that syllable is the successor of atheos, and that can be interpreted as kaj being the successor of Kurt Skauen.

What an evolution at the scale of the leadership of the OS.
Who's next? Mikey Mouse?
( sorry for that joke, but I really like to make jokes :-) )

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