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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless We're living in crazy times, that's for sure. Less than two weeks ago, HP announced it was going to quit making webOS devices. To get rid of existing stock, HP drastically cut the price of the TouchPad to a mere $99 - and this has resulted in a massive run on the device. Lines formed everywhere, and the device is now completely sold out. So, HP has just announced it is going to... Build an additional limited run of TouchPads.
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webOS is NOT discontinued, only HW is...
by elgeb on Fri 2nd Sep 2011 16:50 UTC
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Commentators often equate "even if webOS will no longer be supported" (what Thom wrote) to "webOS will no longer be supported" or even "webOS is no longer supported"...

As of now, webOS is NOT discontinued, TouchPad users will received OTA updates. The question is how many and for how long, but the software team is still in place and OTA's have been promised.

As of right now, the crazy thing is that there are more webOS tablet users than there are Android tablet users. With the pricing of the TouchPad, it is likely that users ready to pay $500 or more for a tablet will continue to buy iPads, whereas users not willing will turn to TouchPads as long as they're available on eBay for half that price. Why buy an Android tablet when for the same price an iPad has all the Android tablet has but so many more apps?

So for this Holiday season, unless someone manages to produce much cheaper ($300 or less) but good (TouchPad level) Android tablets, it's going to be an iOS or webOS.

As for apps, I can tell you that the 100+ 3D games I downloaded on my TouchPad are too many for me to sort through, and overwhelm my kids...

Right now, the Android tablet market has not been able to take off, because there is no compelling argument to not buy an iPad instead. At $99 (or even $250 on eBay), the TouchPad has that made that argument.

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