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Syllable, AtheOS Syllable OS lead developer Kaj de Vos has been interviewed by Techworld Australia. The full Q&A is also available (via Slashdot).
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This is an honest bowl of soup, so everyone should take a sip of it.

Ciprian, it's truly time to let it go. There are many of us who know the true situation with Syllable & the fact of the matter is that what's really eating you happened years ago, literally. It's now 2011. It's time to let it go, man. We all know your stance, you state the same thing each time. You're very happy with Haiku. Well, that's great, the best of luck to you with Haiku. Things could turn around for Syllable at any time. But, if you keep bringing up old stuff, then how do you expect Syllable to ever get past that old hump & get better? Have you ever stopped to think that you could be scaring new developers away? Ok, so Kaj is Syllable's lead developer now...big deal. The reality of the situation is that he's the big cheese, so he makes the decisions. All in all, it really doesn't matter how he became the project lead or whether or not he does the actual coding. All that's really required is for him to lead the development...give the project direction & keep the project headed in that direction. It's not easy running a project, regardless of size. And, arguably, OS development is very difficult to manage & govern over. Many people have opinions about various things & no one likes it when things don't go their way. But the fact of the matter is that when you're in charge, you're in charge --period, point blank. Now, you want answers from Vanders...well, if he doesn't want to tell you what you want to hear, then there comes a point where it's time to get over it & move on. Projects come & go, developers come & go, users come & go, and OSes come & go. That's just how it is. But don't sit here & unnecessarily poison the well. Just because things didn't work out with you & Syllable, doesn't mean that things won't work out for the next person & Syllable. And if all else fails & you're just so attached to Syllable still, well, the source is could always fork. In any case, you've said your piece, there's no need to beat a dead horse.

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