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Syllable, AtheOS Syllable OS lead developer Kaj de Vos has been interviewed by Techworld Australia. The full Q&A is also available (via Slashdot).
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REBOL Killed Syllable for me
by henderson101 on Fri 2nd Sep 2011 20:59 UTC in reply to "REBOL Killed Syllable for me"
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Uhm, if you want to standardize fully on "Industry standard", use Windows and .NET..

Well no - the CIL and CLR are an industry standard - that is not what Microsoft supplies per se. You can use the CLR without the full Microsoft platform. But that is another discussion.

Those who works on alternate OS are not satisfied with current "industry standards" so this is a poor argument.

Ah, cool. So they don't need to write any C or C++ in their OS then - because they are industry Standards... and so is Assembler... hmmm..

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