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Legal "In a scene straight out of Bizarro World, Apple's lawyers are crying foul about Samsung and recent Google acquisitions Motorola's allegedly 'anticompetitive' use of patents. Yes, this is the same Apple that has initiated a patent war with these smartphone rivals. And it's the same rival that has tried to remove competing products from the market, rather than agree to negotiate a licensing fee. And it's the same company that patented multi-touch gestures 26 years after they were invented at a research university. And it's the same company that allegedly doctored evidence in European courts to support its lawsuits against Android. Yet in Apple's rose-colored glasses it is Samsung and Motorola who are bullies. Apparently Apple is irate about these companies' countersuits, which rely largely on patents covering wireless communications."
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FRAND From Motorolla and Samsung is very reasonable.

Its free as long as you don't attack them with Patents aggressively.

Apple should have read the requirements on the patents they required before trying to baseball bat competition.

Yes aggressively is calling for products from being banned from shipping before the patent case has been through the courts.

Their FRAND does not block you from going after either with a valid patent and asking for payment or forcing you way through the courts for payments.

Bring injections and other items before the patent is proven valid in a court is not allowed by either FRAND.

Result of apple mistake is they are toast. Being a prick risks the others being a prick. So now Apple needs anti-trust to save their ass. Really USA let Apple burn because this might stop a lot of stupid usage of patents.

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