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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "I've seen it. Played with it. It's called simply the 'Amazon Kindle'. But it's not like any Kindle you've seen before. It displays content in full color. It has a 7-inch capacitive touch screen. And it runs Android." Okay, it's from Siegler, but it's interesting, and there's no Google bashing or blind Apple adoration at all. This could definitely be the Android tablet to compete with the iPad. So, Amazon, how about a Dutch online store? And, you know, a site which doesn't suck? Thanks!
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Is Amazon another Apple?
by LouisBarman on Sat 3rd Sep 2011 10:00 UTC
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Is Amazon trying to be another Apple or not?

It is all depends whether they are trying to lock down the system and prevent users running "unauthorised" programs from running: (e.g. the stock android market app, Google maps or a free e-reader app etc).

In my view they will be making a big mistake if they try and lock it down like the Kindle. But it looks like they have done a complete fork of Android and are just using Android as a quick starting point to build up there own completely separate eco system. Amazon have their own android app store which makes a lot of sense and this device is a great way of getting more users.

But there is another another problem, it only runs "some version of Android prior to 2.2". If they plan NEVER to upgrade this version then eventually they will be stuck in the Android dark ages with fewer tablet formatted apps able to run.

I know this only aimed at non techies, but often a non techie Mum will have a techie kid who will advise on the purchase. It is surprising how much influence techies have on people making a purchase.

In my view this could do very well if they allowed users to do what they like with their own purchase and allow them to run the latest and greatest Android software. I think more importantly for Amazon it could then encourage all other Android users to the Amazon market store.

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