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Graphics, User Interfaces "Recently, Brendan and I have been arguing about what can reasonably be expected from a multi-monitor OS (among other graphical stack things). We've reached the conclusion that nothing replaces real-world user data. So anyone interested, please answer this survey about multi-monitor setups and expectations ! (Results will be published here once the amount of answers has reached a steady state, I'd say in a month at worst)" (Source)
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RE[3]: my experience
by zima on Sat 3rd Sep 2011 23:07 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: my experience"
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...or for someone who does different kinds of things than you, on a computer (believe it or not, such people exist; that could be possibly even most of the users). NLE for example, where two monitors are sort of a must for any level of comfort; the (good) software is almost intended for it.

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