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Windows Over the past few days, Microsoft has been talking about improvements made to Windows 8 on its 'Building Windows 8' blog at MSDN. Strangely enough, the improvements mentioned were either dealing with the classic desktop, or were demonstrated using the classic desktop - and not the fancy Metro user interface which is supposed to be Windows 8's big new thing. Today's post finally gives a little more detail about how the classic and Metro UI work together, but questions still remain.
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RE[3]: Comment by joekiser
by Halo on Sun 4th Sep 2011 01:14 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by joekiser"
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That line of reasoning does not follow.

Microsoft already has a version of IE for Windows Phone 7 which doesn't rely on the underlying Win32 API.

I don't think it's a reasonable asssumption that IE10 relies on Win32, and as such you can't conclude anything about Windows 8.

I will be very surprised if the Win32 userland hasn't been modularised so it isn't loaded by default.

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