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by ssokolow on Sun 4th Sep 2011 15:54 UTC in reply to "Comment by Luminair"
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Depends on what you're doing.

It gives you a better chance of being able to tile windows horizontally (as Aero Snap and Kwin 4.x's clone of it do) without the contents being narrower than designed for and, if you're watching newer movies or widescreen DVDs of older movies on your PC, you waste less space on letterboxing.

I've got 1280x1024 monitors and they always seem just a bit too narrow for me to use anything but the Xinerama monitor boundaries as tiling guides.

(There's also thw fact that you're seeing more and more apps like Inkscape which use the widescreen layout to give you a square or portrait viewport with a large palette of tool options down the side.

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