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by OSbunny on Sun 4th Sep 2011 19:37 UTC in reply to "Comment by Luminair"
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I am so tired of reading this same complaint over and over again on the web. In just about every article on LCD monitors you see this same complaint repeated. It's almost as bad as that "but can it play crysis?" meme.

My take on this is that people need to stop repeating this over and over again. 16:9 is the new norm and that's that. Manufacturers are not going to change things just because a few people don't like it. Hell even software is now adapting to the widescreen format. Look at the dolphin file manager in KDE, Firefox killing the status bar, unity desktop in Ubuntu or Microsoft's work on Windows explorer in the upcoming Windows 8. All these changes are designed to make better use of more horizontal screen space while conserving vertical screen space.

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