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Syllable, AtheOS Syllable OS lead developer Kaj de Vos has been interviewed by Techworld Australia. The full Q&A is also available (via Slashdot).
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by cipri on Mon 5th Sep 2011 11:57 UTC in reply to "Comment Title"
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Interesting comments. They say even bad publicity is better than no publicity but in this case we were probably better off with no publicity....

Yes, that strategy of kaj, to make publicity and hope developers will come who he can command and tell them what to do.
Just look how many "conferences" kaj made/gave in the last years. Every year he makes summer/winter/whatever conferences.
For that things he has time (and money), but for learning c++ and doing some real developement for syllable he doesnt have time.

Yes, there are also other companies that have that strategy to make a lot of publicity to their bad products and hoping people will buy it.
It seems Kaj tries something similar.
You still didnt notice that doesnt work? In general real developers are not stupid, and you can not fool them with empty (philosophical) words/ideeas.

Syllable is in such a situation that even FreeDos has a more bright future. (Freedos is doing active development, and they have more developers)

So, if you want to have succes , you will need to concentrate on real and "own" (and not 3'rd party) development.
The past (few years) have shown that it's a dead end if you concentrate on publicity instead, and hoping that a very skilled developer (and naive enough, not to see the low potential syllable has) will appear and you will be able to command him, and to implement kaj ideeas.

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