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Linux "andLinux is a Linux distro with a difference. It's based on a port of the the Linux kernel to Windows coupled with an X server and other software. In short, it allows you to run Linux software seamlessly on the Windows desktop without recompiling it or using a virtual machine."
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interesting alternative
by transputer_guy on Wed 7th Sep 2011 00:58 UTC
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For multiple platform app development between Windows, Haiku, Linux (several), OSX the usual options are Multi booting, Multi PCs, Multiple VMs or perhaps Wine on Linux for Windows apps.

All of those have various issues of their own so this looks like a useful reverse sort of Wine option. Will need to get back into Qt for this to work for me. Will try out the 2 versions just out of curiosity so I hope it doesn't get abandoned.

Curious if anyone has had good luck with KDE for Windows, it barely worked 2 years ago, and my last recent try the installer was kaput.

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