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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless In the US wireless market, AT&T is currently attempting to buy T-Mobile to create one heck of a behemoth wireless provider. While earlier this week the US government already filed a lawsuit to block the merger, citing antitrust concerns, US carrier Sprint has now also filed a lawsuit to block the merger.
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Wrong technology
by wocowboy on Wed 7th Sep 2011 10:32 UTC in reply to "RE: So ..."
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Sprint uses CDMA technology, a whole different animal than GSM which T-Mobile uses. Sprint would have to change out all the equipment from every T-Mobile cell site at an astronomical cost,and they are not about to do that after the debacle of trying to integrate Nextel into their network that they went through several years ago. It just couldn't e done, and Nextel is just like a vestigial appendage that Sprint can't really use but has to keep around because a very few customers really have to have.

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