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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless In the US wireless market, AT&T is currently attempting to buy T-Mobile to create one heck of a behemoth wireless provider. While earlier this week the US government already filed a lawsuit to block the merger, citing antitrust concerns, US carrier Sprint has now also filed a lawsuit to block the merger.
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Hulu plus kinda sucks, just my opinion. I've enjoyed Netflix for a while but the studios are doing everything in their power to flush it down the toilet. You can't even rent a DVD anymore in my city except at Redbox. Your traditional movie rental stores have all shut down. I guess they think when we can't rent DVDs or stream movies anymore we're all going to start spending $20+ to take our families to go see a movie or pay nearly $30 for a new release DVD. Look forward to the day that this all backfires in their faces.

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