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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Baidu, a company primarily known for its search engine in China, has announced that it is launching a new mobile operating system: Yi. The new OS is to be forked off of Android and Baidu will be providing its own apps and services in lieu of Google's apps. Those apps should include Baidu-based maps, ebooks, downloadable music, cloud storage, and cloud backup. There will also apparently be a custom SDK and app store for the platform."
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All this talk about forking ...
by searly on Wed 7th Sep 2011 13:03 UTC
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I doubt very much that it is a full fork (as much as I doubt that the Amazon Tablet is a full fork) ... it is most likely Android with a new UI on top of it (just like HTC, Samsung etc.) an a whole lot of services, extra applications thrown into the mix (much like google apps) ... it would be crazy to fork Android and not make use of the already existing user/developer base, and I doubt that developers will want to support yet another platform ... (the same for Amazon, they would be shooting themselves in the foot , also note that the Amazon App Store contains regular Andorid Apps) ... so I think the talk about Android forks lately is somewhat overhyped ...

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