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Privacy, Security, Encryption So, people from within Iran have hacked the Dutch company DigiNotar, allowing them to issue fake certificates so they could listen in on Iranian dissidents and other organisation within Iran. This is a very simplified version of the story, since it's all quite complicated and I honestly don't even understand all of it. In any case, DigiNotar detected the intrusion July 19, but didn't really do anything with it until it all blew up in their face this past week. Now, the Dutch government has taken over operational management of DigiNotar... But as a Dutch citizen, that doesn't really fill me with confidence, because, well - whenever the Dutch government does anything even remotely related to IT technology, they mess it up. And mess it up bad.
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RE: Comment by abstraction
by trbs on Wed 7th Sep 2011 20:49 UTC in reply to "Comment by abstraction"
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The Dutch system is nothing compared to the Japanese system.

Dutch metro's now feel like supermax prisons while Japanese are clean and friendly.

Doing customer service in the Netherland is horrible, me trying to merge three different cards together which I got from one transport agency for three different products was a nightmare. They deal with you like you are some kind of criminal... how dare you try to make your live easier by putting 3 digital products onto 1 digital card.

No give me the Tokyo or Helsinki system any day... and please let us just stop with the foolishness in the Netherlands.. it only will costs us large amounts of cash for a transport service which is not much better then cattle transport.

Like another poster said before... we Dutch will never be so civil as the Japanese are, so this type of system will never work for us...

It will just be a new version of the way we deal with fuel or telco prices... completely non-transparent and very volatile increasing prices... with less and less customer service....

(btw have you ever seen a Japanese gas station ? that is customer service!)

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