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Morphos The MorphOS Team has just released an update to the MorphOS 2 SDK. The archive comes with a brand new programmer's editor offering autocomplete, syntax highlighting, jumping to definitions, declarations and documentation, etc for C based projects. Scribble's display layer is based on a port of the well known Scintilla engine. You can see Scribble in action in this video. The full news item can be found here.
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RE: Wait a second.
by MORB on Thu 8th Sep 2011 01:20 UTC in reply to "Wait a second."
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The original amiga OS was perfect in every single way despite not having any development environment capable of syntax hilighting, therefore syntax hilighting is superfluous.

It is also very unbecoming that they ported some dirty, poorly optimized and open-source text editor component to achieve that when the amiga community already have absolutely everything it needs.

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