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Legal Ah, so that's what Google's masterplan is regarding the defense of Android against the patent trolls. HTC has just launched a few more defensive patent lawsuits against Apple, and while that's by far no longer newsworthy, it is this one time. You see, HTC is suing Apple over 9 patents that have only very recently been transferred (namely, a week ago) from Google to HTC. The patents come from Palm, Motorola, and others. This means Google is giving away its patents to Android device makers. Nice of them.
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RE[3]: Shabby journalism
by molnarcs on Thu 8th Sep 2011 17:42 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Shabby journalism"
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In this case Apple is asserting patents relating to products they have made and which they claim their competitors are copying without permission. That's what patents are for.

Have many times, how many pictures, how many prior art, how much more proof do you apple fanboys need to get into your thick heads: Apple is suing companies with patents related to ideas they copied. One of the patents involved in Apple's recent patent trolling is the rectangular shape with screen and some buttons. Yes it's in their actual products (the iPad) and there are countless prior art from other manufacturers. They are suing with patents of so called "inventions" that 1) they most definitely did not invent 2) are way too obvious to call them inventions. Some of their patents may have some merit, but that's not what critics of Apple are railing against. It's the rest.

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